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Monday, March 5, 2018

Kat Von D Studded Kiss Influenster Voxbox Review

Hey beauties!!!

I have a review for you that I am so excited about!!! I received a Voxbox from Influenster to try KVD Studed Kiss Lipstick in the shade Love Craft complimentary for my review. I am so thrilled I got this Voxbox as I have only tried a few of her shadows and I did love the quality but haven't had a chance to try her other products yet!

This Voxbox looks amazing, the packaging of the lipstick is super trendy and edgy with studs as in the name Studded Kiss! I am even more excited about the formula in this lip product as it's very different from many lipsticks, it feels a lot more moisturizing and non drying on your lips but it also lasts a long time without even needing a touch up! The color I received is perfect for my skin tone, its a light pink nude and it is one of my favorite colors I own as of now!

I was inspired to do an edgy type of lip photo to post on my insta, you can check that baby out below!!!

This color is fun to mix with different liners or to create an ombre effect but alone works miracles as well! I loved it so much I really would love to try more colors soon. If you tried one let me know what color and how you liked it in the comments.

Friday, March 3, 2017

My Review Of Imperial Glamour Beauty Box

Hello beauties!

Today I am reviewing Imperial Glamour Beauty Box. Imperial Glamour Beauty Box is a monthly subscription filled with high quality natural, organic and vegan beauty products. Every month is a different theme and there is always new products to try. 

The owner created Imperial Glamour Beauty Box with a vision to empower small women owned beauty and skincare brands in America and Canada. I love her vision and how her subscription box helps us discover less known natural, organic and vegan brands. 

My first Imperial Glamour Beauty Box is the Deluxe February box and here's what it looks like.

It came with a super cute makeup bag, a welcome letter and a product information list. It says "Hello Your Majesty Pucker Up Buttercup" followed by a list of the products and cost for each. A deluxe box is $25 and a mini is $16 a month. February's box was all about lips and I received six deluxe and full sized samples.

My first impression of Imperial Glamour Beauty Box is she puts a lot of thought into her boxes and is always looking for new brands to keep her boxes interesting and I really like that. I also think there is a generous amount of samples and great sizes. I'm going to go into details on each product for you and my opinions for each.

The first item I tried was from Body By The Good Stuff and is an Organic Blood Orange Lip Scrub. This product is a deluxe sample and omg is it huge and it's valued at $6.

What I love about this lip scrub is the smell, it smells so good!!! It is like a sweet citrus. It is also super yummy on the lips....I tasted sugar! 

I get very dry lips from wearing lipstick a lot and sometimes I don't drink enough water so, I was very happy about a lot of these lip care products in this months box especially the scrub. It made my lips sweet and helped me get rid of the rough skin on my lips.

After using the lip scrub I applied the Lip Sorbet which also smells so good. It is very creamy and made my lips feel ultra moisturized. The Lip Sorbet is from The Natural Soap Shop and is also a deluxe sample valued at $2.50

Next product I tried is a Lip Plumping Balm from Twin oaks Soap

I am not one that uses lip balms regularly, I probably should and now that I have plenty of lip care products I will!!! I do think that this plumping lip balm will help me moisturize my lips and applying before lipstick would be a great way to use it but I personally didn't notice a plumping the first time I used it....if it does work maybe I need to leave it on a while next time and see if I see a change. It has a weird smell to me but I know it's because of the natural ingredients in it and I'm not used to the smell...nothing personal and it's not bad just different. My sample was full size value $2.08

Since I'm on lip balms let's talk about the Peppermint Lip Balm.

It is minty, smooth and a great way for me to heal my chapped lips. I like knowing that it's a natural product and feel really good about using this on my lips. This Lip Balm is from Fairy Forest Gardens (love the name) and valued at $2.00 

Moving on to one of my favorite beauty products to use! Lip Gloss!!!

I really love the packaging of this lip gloss and I don't know if there are more colors but I got a clear gloss. It has a really cool side window which allows you to see how much is left. This pretty lip gloss is called Eternity from HoneyBee Gardens. It is vegan and gluten free. Full size value $11.99

Last item I reviewed is a lipstick and I saved it for last because it was one of my favorites.

This lipstick is so moisturizing on my lips it feels like I'm using a lip balm when applying but a bit more moist as it goes on. The color is Hibiscus, it's darker in the tube than once applied but man is this a beautiful red. It's like a bright orangey brownish way I can describe it! I love it and how it feels on me! Another thing I personally love, this is the easiest lipstick to remove, it comes right off without much effort....while many like long lasting lipsticks I get annoyed by colors that I can't get off even with coconut oil or soap, so this is a bonus for me. This lipstick comes from Opale Essence (Hibiscus) Value Full Size $11.00

Here is the full list of products and value in the box!

I received a lot in my deluxe box and the value is definitely worth the cost. My impression of this beauty subscription is they have a lot to offer in natural, vegan and organic brands we may not have discovered for ourselves yet and I love that this is helping empower women business owners nationwide including Canada as well.

Look out for my review of the March Imperial Glamour Beauty Box...coming soon!

If you would like to start a subscription with Imperial Glamour you can visit the website by clicking this link.

Disclaimer: I received this beauty box for review purposes only and was not compensated for this post. All thoughts in this post are of my own impressions after using these products for review.

Thank you for visiting my blog! Make sure to share this and subscribe for more great posts!

Saturday, November 12, 2016

Maybeline Super Stay 24 Review

Hey there!!!

It's been quite a while since I've written a post! I have been busy getting surveys done and haven't had a lot of time for blogging or freebies even!!! I know, it's crazy!!!

I do want to review a recent product I have been lucky to try free and not just one but two of them so I have two similar yet different impressions after trying both!

So, since I am still short on my time I will do the best to give you every colorful detail about my opinion of these babies!

I received a Voxbox from Influenster with two Super Stay 24 lip colors from Maybeline. The first one is called Constant Toast and it's the first one I tried because it's more natural and closer to my lip comfort zone.....that I'm trying to break out of btw!

What I liked about this color is that it is a beautiful natural beige with a hint of shimmer to it but not too much that it turns into sparkle lips. It went on light and felt great unlike what I expected from a long lasting lip color.

To apply I cleaned my lips and let dry. I applied it and let dry for 2 min. I then used the moisture balm on top to keep my lips from getting dry. My color lasted through eating, drinking and lasted for it does work but you will need to reapply some moisture balm.

The red lip color I received is called keeping up the flame and it's quite dramatic even for the name...If I was to name it I'd call it vampy cause it has a deep blood red look to it in my opinion but I am not the one who got to name the color so too bad for me lol it is "Keepin Up The Flame".

I don't know the reason but Keepin Up The Flame made my lips a lot more dry, they also got thicker and felt kind of annoying to me. Maybe I applied it too thick and should try that again because I did have to take time to make my lips look even so maybe going over it multiple times is a no no ladies!

Overall, I do like the product and would use it anytime I have an event that I need my lip color to last long through eating, drinking, kissing or whatever else may mess up these pretty lips!

Saturday, July 30, 2016

Best Apps That Make You Money (My Favorites)

I'm going to get straight to the point on this one #1 because it's 2:49 am and I'm feeling kinda sleepy! #2 I'm super excited to share this list of apps with you and #3 the sooner I get it done the sooner you guys can start making money!  So,  let's do this baby!!!!

I'm going to start by showing you what my homescreen looks like here......

Ok......we see Facebook,  Google+,  Instagram, Yahoo and Play Store!!!  We all know those apps I'm pretty sure but just incase you don't know them, all those mentioned above are NOT apps that make you money unless you count Network Marketers and people promoting their businesses on social media but other than that they're just not money making apps!  Forget they're there and let's focus on the other apps you see.

The first one on the left is called Quick Thoughts, it is very easy to make money with this one, in fact it seems like so far all the surveys I've done pay $1.00 and if you don't qualify for a survey you will get .10 added to your balance which I like. They pay you with an Amazon Gift Card when you reach $10 and from what it looks like it's possible to do fast depending on how determined you are to complete 10 surveys (you can do it)!!! Most take between 10-30 min on this app.  Make sure you answer honestly like with all surveys and search for surveys frequently so you can get your Amazon card fast!  Please let me know if you do decide to download this app and let us know how you like it!

The next one is Surveys On The Go!!! This is one of the highest rated apps for making money. I've read many reviews and people just love this thing! I think it's cool so far, the surveys have been interesting, easy to qualify and you get paid by PayPal which I really love since I'm making that my priority when using survey sites, focus groups and other work at home gigs (I will be sharing in future posts). I read some reviews which made it sound like it's slow with surveys at first but after a while will start giving you higher paid surveys and this one in particular said he was paid two surveys back to back that paid him $25 idea the truth of that but I'm going to keep it a while and see how good this gets! You will need to reach $10 to request payment.  Oh and you can refer friends but I can't find out how much you earn when someone signs up with your link.....just share it and we'll find out!!!!  lol

( WARNING) This app is NOT for shy people! You answer one question at a time in a video response....FUN!!! I've done a few so far but I'm not sure how often you get questions since I just started. It's worth a try if you're as motivated as me and do a combination of money making apps and other easy things you can do right at home....that money will add up....honey!!! You can cash out when you get $15 and they pay you through PayPal. I made .50 cents for one and .65 for another AND a whole $1.00 for a referral. You can make some extra $$$ on this one. If you do sign up let me know in the comments on this post so I can say thanks because it will earn me money and I'm very thankful for anybody who does sign up! Please sign up here and let me know how it works for you!

This is my other homescreen at the moment! Theres an app named FRONTO that is a lockscreen app. It is awesome because even if all you ever do is unlock your screen you earn points towards money and if you want to earn them faster you can download games or go to websites being advertised on it. You will get a referral link and a promo code you can customize to make it easy to remember. When someone signs up through your referral you both get 1,250 free points and getting to a reward will be quicker (I'm almost at my second cash out in points). They pay by PayPal, Amazon Gift Cards and Check. To get 1,250 free points use my promo code nessa27 when you register after installing. Let me know how you like it in comments below.

This is a super fun one that is a mix of entertainment and rewards!!! This game is just like scratching cards in real life only you earn or "win" tokens on every card and some you can win instant cash on up to $10,000. What I love is the tokens you earn can be redeemed as money or you can use them in contests they have. They have monthly contests witth winners every month and new contests that follow. The newest contest in their biggest and you win a lot of entries if you play daily.......Somebody is going to be their first Millionaire winner! I have been playing daily and sometimes use my tokens for extra entries or I use them for other contests. I've been entering to win a $250 Visa Gift Card every day (contest ends in two days). When you can redeem tokens for money you can be paid in PayPal,  Check and Gift Cards. Nothing beats free money and free chances to win money! lol

1Q is a very new app for me and though the concept is amazing to me there hasn't been a whole lot of action lately. On their Facebook page they sound like they're getting a lot of us and working on getting enough clients working with them so they can send us all money! The way it is supposed to work is they send a question and we get paid for answering it! Yup, very simple and we make .25 per friend referral which is the only way I have made money besides maybe one question so far (been about a week since I joined). I'm going to keep it since I don't need the space and I'm hopeful that I will get a dollar here and there eventually. lol

I just added this one called LifeTap! I still have to figuere it out but I have earned like $1.50 or so doing short quizzes and surveys on it. I still need a little time to play around but others are getting to $10 pretty fast on it so I thought it was worth sharing with ya!

The reason I'm calling FRESH EATS a BONUS is because it's not even an app and I didn't really plan to put it here but here you go anyway!!! You sign up on the website with your cell number and get $1 for signing up 24 hours later (I got mine right on time). Then it's a lot like the 1Q app,  you get questions and you can earn for referring people to sign up. This is another one that is moving slowly though so I would say try it and add some friends using your link. I mean, you will all get a dollar so why not? If you sign up here please comment that you signed up and let me know how it goes. You can use my link to get started. 

That's all I got for you this time! These are all apps I'm currently using so if you have any questions about them you can comment below with your questions and I'll answer asap.

Please note my disclaimer:  
There are referral links on some of my posts and some posts may contain affiliate links.

Saturday, July 9, 2016

ZzzQuil NIGHTTIME SLEEP-AID: An Honest Review From A Sleep Deprived Mom

ZzzQuil NIGHTTIME SLEEP-AID is one of those products I was not sure about trying!  Not that I don't trust the company because I've loved using other products made by VICKS.  The experiences I have had with other sleep aids is what made me a little hesitant to try it but I did and will tell you what I think!

First, I'm gong to tell you my sleep situation. I have a habit of staying up just to clean things. The problem is when I finally do get ready for bed I have a hard time falling asleep,  I'm tense, have things on my mind and toss around a long time. I also don't stay asleep long enough to feel rested these days,  maybe it's because I have a small baby in the house and my sleep has been all over the place but I just don't stay asleep more than a couple hours at a time.

You see the ad above? lol  I could not stay up very long after I took ZzzQuil and I did not wake up once the whole night.  I woke up a little sleepy in the morning but it didn't last long. I usually wake up exhausted and the feeling pretty much stays with me all day but I feel like I actually caught up on some of the sleep I was missing and felt more rested.

Here's some info about ZzzQuil:

Non habit forming sleep aid that is not for pain and just for sleep.  It's used for occasional sleeplessness and helps you fall asleep faster if you have trouble falling asleep.

This product was given to me as a free sample from Zzzquil and Influenster to test and share my honest review.

Thank you Influenster and ZzzQuil

Saturday, July 2, 2016

Make Money Doing Easy Surveys

Whose ready to learn how to make money doing surveys with your phone or computer?  Whether you need extra cash for yourself,  help paying those never ending bills or maybe you want to master how to make money online!  Whatever the reason, this list will get you off to a great start!

This list is pretty epic if you asked me! I'm basically saving you the time of searching and trying to figure out which one works!  I don't want you to give up or get overwhelmed so I'm making this simple for you. Sign up to all the sites I post here so you will have plenty of opportunities to make money, sometimes you will not qualify for a survey and it will end after a few questions when you don't match what the company is looking for but when you have multiple survey sites sending you surveys you will be able to earn by doing as many as you can qualify for daily or whenever you feel like doing them.  It's not instant money but it builds up and once you get the flow going you will always have money coming in.

I think you're ready now!!!  So here we go!!!!

The #1 Survey Site I use is Vindale Research, one of the oldest and most trusted survey companies and it has one of the best referral programs. They give us $5 per referral and that helps you put money in your pocket real fast and easy! That is why it made the #1 spot on the list. It's also one of the best sites because they send me a lot of surveys every day. Start making money with me click to join Vindale Research.

Yes there is!!! There are quite a few ways to make easy money at home or wherever you and your phone happen to be!

My #2 pick is Mintvine,  I get a lot of surveys every day on this site, my money is growing fast and that makes this my #2 pick. There are also multiple ways to earn and a local deals page which is cool since you can also find ways to save money in your area while you're making money! WIN/WIN Mintvine gives you lots of payout options;  they pay using PayPal,  DWOLLA,  RED donation and many Gift Card options. You can cash out when you reach a minimum of 1000 points which equals $10 and that is much lower than some sites that make you wait till you earn $30. Click me to join Mintvine.

Why make money for someone else when you can get paid for your opinions?......we ALL have them and I think it's great that we can get paid for our thoughts!

#3 This one is a little different but very interesting! YouGov is geared towards political and world views which I find is a nice change of pace from usual surveys. It is pretty quick money too! If you like voicing your opinions on political and world views you will like this site. Sign up here

#4 is SendEarnings,  they send me lots of survey invites and if you go to the website they have other activities you can do to earn points! When you get to $30 you can request payment by a gift card to many locations, a prepaid VISA or a check. Get started making money the fun way here.

#5 is a survey site that has a program that can be installed on your devices to earn you more money from the data they collect from your devices. You don't have to do this in order to get surveys but it will earn you more money....up to $60 if you connect all your devices.  You can learn more and sign through this link.

I'm going to add a few extra's that can make you good money fast if you utilize all the ways to earn! Do a little of everything and refer your friends to make money on the sites below.

The #1 bonus site is MyPoints and you can sign up here.

Swagbucks is well known and one of the best for earning gift cards. Click here to get started.

Inbox Dollars fast money to get you some extra spending money! Click to join.

InstaGC is a lot like Swagbucks and Inbox Dollars! Sign up here.

I gave you the tools now you have to put time into it and as long as you do you will start making money!  I have so many things to post and so little time.....I leave you with this fabulous list and promise more good stuff is coming soon!

Please note:  There may be affiliate links in this post and in other posts on this blog.

Thursday, June 30, 2016

How To Get Free Products To Test and Review

Hello fellow freebie hunters,

I made a list to help beginners and maybe even some advanced freebie lovers out there!  The list tells you how and where to get full size products (most named brands) to try completely free!  The only thing the sites ask if you is an honest review and maybe some sharing on your social media like Facebook,Twitter, Pinterest, Youtube and/or your blog. I can live with a little sharing of products and giving my honest reviews about them,  can you?  If you're like maybe......than this may NOT be for you but if you're thinking hell YESSS!!! This is the place to be and I'm happy to have you!

I'm starting with influenster:  This is one of my faves when it comes to full size products that are usually brands we all know well. Sign up at this link and when finish reading this you should go to this post to learn how to get your first Voxbox full of goodies fast!

Another fave of mine is Bzzagent: It's design is different and they have stuff for the guys too!  What I really love about Bzzagent  is they keep giving me campaigns lol and they have a cool reward program that goes together with another site called MyPoints. When you do activities for your Bzzz Campaigns you earn points that you redeem on MyPoints. You can also earn points directly from the MyPoints website by doing searches, shopping from stores on their site, referring friends and they even send you bonus emails you just open and get points (get more if you shop or accept offer in email). The Bzzagent website is easy to use, sign up, enter your profile info, do the mini surveys, read the information on the website and you're pretty much ready to Bzzz (a lot)!!!  Sign up here and follow my blog for tips on how to get started and continue getting Bzzagent campaigns.

This one is called Smiley360:  I have actually had the least amount of luck with this one!  I see other people getting missions so,  I know it works and is legit and all but I may have hurt my chances by turning down two Sleep Number Bed missions. They want you to go to the actual store for this one and I couldn't get there.....I don't even know where a local one is to get to it anyway!  I don't have any bad thoughts about the company I just hope I get more chances,  I haven't been signed up long so I am not going to say don't sign up based on my experience because I see lots of people getting stuff from them every day......just not me! You can join by clicking this link.

Swaggable: I am waiting for my first full bag of HARIBU Sour Gummies but its not being shipped yet....I guess they gather up all the people all at once and so I'm waiting! I need to get on it more though and maybe if I'm active I'll get more invitations. What is cool about it is you can choose what you would like to try and they will send you invites based on what you picked.  They have mostly new products that are not really in the market yet or maybe just not very big or known and they need our help to get the word out!  The majority of the brands are products based on natural ingredients from cosmetics to food and even stuff for pets!  Sign up here to try it!

Crowdtap: is fun and different than most of the samples and WOM companies in this post!  The way it's different is you work with big named brands providing feedback in little surveys and polls that earn you points towards a Gift Card. You can also get to try products free but I'm waiting to hear back about the products I applied for. I did make $15 in Amazon Gifts Cards in one night though so that's pretty awesome!  You can sign up and start tapping here.